About Library

R. R. Mehta College of Science and C. L. Parikh College of Commerce Library

Eastablished:  1965

LIbrary Staff:

Librarian: Dr.Samir M. Chaudhari
Ass. Librarian: Dr.Bharti M. Solanki
clerk: V. S. Bhil

Book Collocation :-

There are six main sections in our library.

Upto year

No. Section Total No. of Books
1. General Library 7981
2. Reference Library 548
2. U.G.C. Book Library 12668
3. Book Bank Library 7648
4.   P.G. Library 569
5. FIST-DST 0086
Total = 29,500

TOTAL TITLES-        20,857


Library Advisory Committee:-

  1. Dr. Y.B. Dabgar, -Principal
  2. Shri R. D. Varsat, Lecturer
  3. Dr. R.J. Pathak, HOD,Physics
  4. Dr. G.D. Acharya, HOD, Chemistry
  5. Dr. M. K. Patel, HOD, Biology
  6. Shri Haresh Chaudhari, Mathematics
  7. Dr. Samir M. Chaudari, Chief Librarian

Library Working Hours:

On Working day: 08:00am  to 06:00pm

On Holidays: 10:00am  to 01:00pm

Before Examination day: 08:00am  to 06:00pm

During examination day: 08:00am  to 10:00pm

During Vacation: 08:00am  to 06:00pm

Periodicals / Journals / News Papers :-

We have Subscribed for 64 periodicals /Journals on various subjects and 8 news papers.

Location :-

The library is located on the ground floor of the College building. Any reader can easily come in the library without disturbing the routine teaching work in various classrooms .

Carpet Area of the Library :-

1. General reading 26′ x 36′ = 936 sft
2. Ref. reading /Periodicals 26′ x 36′ = 936 sft
3. Catalouge / Counter 10′ x 41.50′ =   415 sft
4. Librarian 17.6′ x 11.50′ =   202.4 sft
5. Network Resource Centre 15′ x 11.50′ =   172.5 sft
6. Record Room 12.3′ x 11.30′ =   138.99 sft
7. Basement Stack 26 ‘x 36’ = 936 sft
8. Research Library 26′ x 37’=962 sft
Total: = 4698.89 sft

Technical Process and Library Automation :-

Dewey decimal classification system and A.ACR-II systems are applied for books classification and cataloguing. We have started library Automation since-2004. We use SOUL2.0 ( Software for university library ) College version for library automation. The software is prepared by INFLIBNET under the guidance of U.G.C. We have completed the computerization of the books. We have computerized system for issuing books. In addition to that, an OPAC & WEBOPAC system assist to explore the needs of the students like the author of the book, title, keyword, publisher, ISBN and subject.

B.L Parikh Book Bank Library:-

We have good facility of Book Bank Library. Shri Bagmal Laxmichand Parikh has generously donated Rs. 200000 for it. It has certainly strengthened our Book Bank Library project. The data of the last six years of the books issued to the students are as under:

Class 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
F.Y.Bcom S-1-158(G)S-1-105(E) S-1-159(G)S-1-104(E) S-1-127(G)S-1-143(E) S-1-170(G)S-1-138(E) S-1-156(G)S-1-90(E)
S-2-92(G)S-2-97(E) S-2-77(G)S-2-96(E)
S.Y.Bcom S-3-25(G)S-3-24(E) S-3-50(G)S-3-49(E) S-3-108(G)S-3-102(E) S-3-128(G)S-3-94(E) S-3-120(G)S-3-90(E)
S-4-29(G)S-4-28(E) S-4-49(G)S-4-50(E)
T.Y.Bcom S-5-25(G)S-5-23(E) S-5-45(G)S-5-51(E) S-5-102(G)S-5-108(E) S-5-124(G)S-5-116(E) S-5-110(G)S-5-104(E)
S-6-52(G)S-6-48(E) S-6-51(G)S-6-49(E)
Total: 730 1015 690 770 670

Special Service :-

      Sometimes Ex-students of our college campus and other employees from the society visit our library for they need reference books for the preparation of the various examinations like GPSC, UPSC, Banking, M.B.A., M.C.A,.Phd etc. We fulfil their requirement by issuing necessary books in the account of our staff members. If it is not possible. We issue books with 100% deposit of the book price.

     Under the INFLIBNET Scheme – N – List project, our college library has E-connectivity having 6000+ E-Journals and 31,35,000+ E-books. The faculties and the learners make the best use of the material.

     Under the INFLIBNET – GUJCAT Scheme our college library data-base has been exhibited so through this our college library data-base can be seen anywhere in the libraries of Indian Universities and colleges.

     Under the E-Library scheme the University exam papers have been exhibited through the E- form so that the students can take the same in the pen-drive and use it as soft copy or C.D.

     We have set eleven C.C.T.V. Camera in the library, so discipline of students and security of books can be maintained activities in the library can be observed at 2 place, one in the college library office and second in the college principal office.

Best Practices

  1. New Arrival Display
  2. Newspaper clipping & Display on Webblog
  3. User Orientation
  4. Borrowing Facilities
  5. Reprography Services
  6. Previous year Uni. Examination question paper issue and webblog
  7. Quick reference Services
  8. Provide general and subject Encyclopedias, Handbook, Dictionaries and other reference source
  9. Free Internet Service for students and faculty members
  10.    Library Automation: Use Soul2.0 (Library Management Software)
  11.   OPAC and WEBOPAC (online Public Access Catalogue) Service

Special Collection

  1. Library & Information Science
  2. National Geographic-1922 to 2013
  3. Competitive Examination Books
  4. Parichay Pustika- 1958 to 2013
  5. Bibliography of Encyclopedia, Dictionary and Reference books in Research Library
  6. List of CD\DVD
  7. Banaskantha Books Corner: Books collection of B.K. district author

Inter Library Loan  :-

Inter library loan service is available with in campus library units.

Features of the Library:-

  1. Library is having 29,500 books,
  2. Through NLIST program of INFLIBNET, We are providingaccess of 31,35,000+ E-books and 6000+ E-Journals.
  3. Relevant stock of references in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry & Accountancy subjects.
  4. Facility of various subjects’ dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  5. Almost 15 research journals, 16 G.K. Magazine and +32 Subject Magazine+ 18General    Magazine+ 3 Free Journal =69 periodicals.
  6. Well equipped subject wise book- shelves.
  7. Library services are also computerized.
  8. We are affiliated to Information Library Network organized by UGC.
  9. Facility of Loan Library book set’s for economically backward students.
  10. A separate shelf for old periodicals.

Services of College Library:

  1. Reference and bibliography services.
  2. Provide career oriented materials to the students.
  3. Every year approximately 600 economically backward students take advantage of our Loan Library Scheme.
  4. Set of university question papers is issued to students.
  5. Students are made aware of curriculum and career oriented articles published in periodicals and dailies.
  6. We have subscribed career oriented magazines and periodicals.
  7. University and college toppers are privileged with books and other aids.
  8. Open access to students for their selection of books from the shelves.


At present, the Central and Research library building are set up by the donors. The “ Kalidas Sankalchand Doshi Research Library ” will be facilitated with :

1)    Audio-visual aids

2)    Employees of the college campus will be issued books including teaching and non-teaching staff.

3)     Research library will be equipped with ancient, medieval and modern manuscripts published in Banaskantha district along with creations of the poets of the district will be made available or purchased.

4)    Artists and poets, novelists, dramatists who belong to Banaskantha region and reside in any corner of the world, their works will be made available in cassette/s or book/s form.

5)    Biographies of diamond and jewelry tycoons, hailing from Banaskantha region, will be collected here.

6)    Architectural pictures will be stocked of this region.

7)    Teachers of the campus, former students and district employees will be helped to pursue research study in research library.

8)    Employees of the district interested in reading will be benefited by paying nominal deposit to the library.

Site Maintain by :Librarian: Dr.Samir Chaudhari 

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    1. B.com. HNGU જુલાઇ ૨૦૨૧ માં લેવાયેલ M.C.Q. Exam પ્રશ્નપત્રો મુકાઇ ગયા છે જે ડાઉનલોડ કરી લેવા.


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